What Do I Qualify For?

  1. Our highly qualified agents at Community Trust Mortgage will perform a pre-qualification for you at no cost and no obligation within 24 hours.   Please call us today.
  2. Generally Lenders are looking at a number of factors in making credit determinations, below are some of the major considerations involved.
  3. Debt to income ratio: Housing payment including taxes, insurance and all monthly obligations divided into gross monthly income should be under 40%.
  4. Loan to Value ratio ( LTV): Total proposed loans amount(s) divided into value of property should be under 90% for owner occupied and 80% for investment.  (% are estimated and vary by a number of factors, some loans go to 125% and as low as 60% LTV).
  5. Credit: Scores should be over 620 for most lenders
  6. Employment :  Must be able to meet Lender requirements for types of income, employment history and method of calculation for said income.
  7. Nearly all Lenders will want to verify that your loan gets an “approved eligible “ response with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac when they submit your loan at the very start of the process.
  8. Check with your agent at Community Trust Mortgage for more details on this and much more.

Find Out What You Qualify For

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